Ex-"No Angel" hat Angst vor Rassismus

Sandy Mölling sorgt sich in den USA um Sohn Jayden

04. Juni 2020 - 10:56 Uhr

Sandy Mölling hat Angst vor Rassismus in den USA

Ex-"No Angels"-Sängerin Sandy Mölling wohnt schon seit mehreren Jahren mit ihren zwei Kindern in den USA. Wegen der aktuellen Lage in Amerika und dem anhaltenden Rassismus im Land macht sie sich große Sorgen um ihren elfjährigen Sohn Jayden. Im Video spricht sie sichtlich emotional über das Thema.

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This is my son Jayden. The sweetest boy you can imagine. I don’t know how to say what I feel. We moved to America when I was pregnant with his brother. And since I didn’t grow up in America, I did not know about the situation between black and white. Yes, I know about the history and how horrible black people were treated. But I never knew the country was STILL this divided. In the last years I have seen racist acts over and over. White racists who are privileged because of their color of skin. How crazy is this? Yes, I see the beauty in diversity and the heritage and cultures and am curious to meeting people all over the world and hearing their stories. It’s the most beautiful thing! We can learn so much from each other! By simply being interested and open minded! Your inner being is what defines you, your soul, your heart, not the color of your skin. Even though people of color are being defined by white people all the time. I will never understand why. Why are we making life so difficult? Why do people feel they have the right to treat people of color different? We have to stand up for our brothers and sisters! Yes, we are all brothers and sisters, like it or not! That’s how we have to move forward! As a unit, not allowing injustice towards any race. And we MUST stand up for our black brothers and sisters!!! This has been going on for way too long! It should have never happened in the first place!!!! It’s all wrong! PERIOD. And we have to stand up and speak up against injustice and racism and FOR equality! Life would be so much better, if we allowed ourselves to be open and loving and caring towards the people around us. This violence has to stop. I am in tears thinking about my son growing up, worrying about his safety when he’s ready to stand on his own two feet. Because his skin is different than mine and in America, it is still a serious issue. And the problem is not him or his color, he’s perfect in every way. It is the thinking of racist white people. It is sick and needs to be treated like that! #letsnotbequite #letsstandupforeachother #weareallone #blacklivesmatter #nomoreviolence #onehumanrace #georgefloyd #doyourpart

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„Wenn sich nichts ändert, geht es zurück nach Deutschland“

Die 39-jährige ist zutiefst erschüttert über die Ereignisse, die sich momentan in Amerika abspielen. Und auch, wenn ihr Sohn Jayden bis jetzt noch nicht persönlich Opfer von Rassismus geworden ist, hat sie große Angst, dass es doch irgendwann passiert. Wenn sich nicht bald etwas an der Situation im Land ändert, sieht die zweifache Mama sich gezwungen, wieder nach Deutschland zu ziehen, wie sie sagt.