Seit sechs Jahren darf er sie nicht nackt sehen

Vierfache Mutter versteckt ihren Körper vor ihrem Ehemann

Jessica Hood erzählt bei Instagram ihre intime Geschichte.
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17. Februar 2020 - 13:43 Uhr

Jessica Hoods fühlt sich nicht mehr wohl in ihrem Körper

Jessica Hoods aus Australien zeigt das auf Instagram, was sich viele nicht trauen würden: ihren halbnackten Körper. Dazu erzählt sie ihre eigene Geschichte, die sie seit Jahren sehr beschäftigt. Nach ihrer ersten Schwangerschaft hat sich ihr Körper stark verändert und sie fühlt sich nicht mehr wohl darin. Damit ist Jessica sicher nicht allein auf der Welt.

Jessica Hoods Ehemann darf sie nicht mehr nackt sehen

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To the woman who woke up not feeling herself today. Who weighs herself every single morning , Who hated how she looked in everything she tried on .To the one counting calories and doing intermittent fasting.To the women who will only wear baggy loose clothing and walks with her head down , The woman who cries when she looks in the mirror or the one comparing herself to the “beautiful” & “ perfect “ images on Instagram. STOP WORRYING START LIVING STOP COMPARING AND LIFT THAT HEAD HIGH GIRL! I’ve been through many different stages in my life , ones that would go from extremely low calorie diets , to exercising for hours a day and while it’s great to live a healthy lifestyle it’s also really important to have a healthy mind set.Through my years , my weight has yoyo’d and every time I would go on strict diets I was miserable and felt more insecure and NEVER good enough. My mindset changed when I had my babies. I saw my body in a different light. I appreciated it for what it was, For what it did and the strength it carried.It may look weak , wobbly and warn out but it’s strong.I want my daughters to look in the mirror and love the girl, the woman staring back at them.I never want them to doubt themselves or feel they need to change. I wanna my sons to love a women no matter her size and to see beauty is deep. I’ve been doing this Instagram thing for a while now. I know I don’t look like your typical “ influencer “ I’m not always candid and my life is a mess.My body is a size 16 , it’s flawed , full of battle scars and victories . I have never felt like I fit in , I use to think if I don’t change then i won’t ever be accepted .That’s when I realise that something needs to change and it’s not me. I’ll continue to always be who I am , not a “real” women but a relatable one.One that will remind you that your body is YOUR body and it’s beautiful just as it is. No matter your size or what your goals are , so lets see more of this on our screens and less of the over airbrushed unrealistic ones. everyone has flaws . I just choose to not cover them up. I’m not ashamed,nor will I ever be ashamed. I’m a mother of 4. I’m not my body. You’re not your body. its ok to be YOU! ♥️

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Jessica Hoods war eine selbstbewusste Frau, was sich aber nach der ersten Schwangerschaft schlagartig änderte. Sie habe sich "verloren". Ihr Ehemann darf die mittlerweile vierfache Mutter nicht mehr nackt sehen. Jessica versteckt ihren Körper vor ihm. "Ich habe Angst davor, dass er mich sieht und wegrennt", erzählt Hoods bei Instagram, "Ich befürchte, dass er angewidert und abgeturnt sein könnte." Jessica wisse, dass sie ihren Mann damit verletzt. Obwohl er ihr ständig sagt, dass es ihm nichts ausmacht.

Selbst ihre Instagram-Fotos habe ihr Mann nicht gesehen

Jessica Hoods ist dabei, ihren Körper immer mehr zu akzeptieren, doch sie hat schreckliche Angst davor, ihr Liebster würde es nicht tun. Intim wird das Paar nur bei Dunkelheit. Tagsüber hat Jessica Hoods immer ihre Klamotten an. "Wir duschen nie zusammen, ich ziehe mich nicht vor ihm an, ich würde nicht einmal vor ihm schwimmen." Auch ihre Instagram-Fotos kennt ihr Ehemann nicht.

25 kg schwerer nach ihren Kindern

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You know when your just done? Emotionally , physically done? Your tired , your lazy and you don’t have a clear thought. That’s me today, ok I’m lying that’s me every single day lately. There is this heaviness I can’t shake , this constant nagging feeling that just won’t go away. That feeling something is missing from my life . As I lay on the bed , my eyes are heavy, I can hear the sounds of my children playing. Today that’s not even enough to lift me out of the slump I’m in. It’s just this life is so exhausting. This is not what they told me it would be like in those family movies!! , Being a mother , a wife is exhausting. when you meet someone and start a family no one actually tells you that you won’t always be happy. That there will be days that you aren’t satisfied . The reason no one tells you that is because it’s never talked about . But we feel it .You live in constant Groundhog Day. There isn’t any exciting spontaneous adventures unless you call going to the toilet alone and not being interrupted for once. You wake up and do the exact same thing and all though you love your children with all your heart , you crave adult attention , you crave adventure , something that doesn’t consist of the play centres and playgroups. When I was younger my life never consisted of a plan , i lived day by day. It was exciting and I never knew what was coming next . These days I know Harrison’s poo schedule and I can almost guaranteed Eden will ask me for a chocolate before 9am. Today I’m not gonna tell you to embrace it or be greatful or even tell you to fake happy. Instead I’m gonna tell you to accept that the way you feel is normal and it’s not always rainbows and happy snaps. My god your human to! Your more than just someone’s mother and wife. You’re still you, an individual.... someone with needs and dreams. You’re allowed to be selfish if it determines your mental health , if it means you come out of the side a happier , healthier mother. Stop putting yourself last . Your a mother , a goddess ....doing the hardest job in the world . you deserve to be right up there with the stars . . . . . #parentingishard #mumlife #bacchusmarsh #stkildamums #meltonmums

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Vor allem hasst die vierfache Mutter aber, dass "die grausame Welt, in der wir leben, mir falsche Bilder übermittelt hat". Obwohl ihr Ehemann alle ihre "Fehler" akzeptiere, überwiege die Angst. Dabei macht der Körper doch bei einer Schwangerschaft schon so viel durch. "Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich nach den Kindern 25 Kilogramm schwerer sein würde. Die physischen und mentalen Veränderungen verschmelzen zu einer Einheit."

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One year on since my Live birth ( swipe across - now , 2 months after birth and 9 months pregnant ) As we approach one year since i went live with my labour on Instagram it’s time for the old comparison, you know the before and after body shots . drum roll please!!!!! Anddddddd nope I still haven’t lost my baby weight! Still carrying around my mum tum and gigantic breasts , not to mention the huge bags under my eyes that I don’t think will ever go away! . I use to feel so much pressure to “ bounce back “ postpartum but after Harrison’s birth , after everything I went through I realised that very quickly those moments , life.... can be taken from you very quickly . So this year I focused on my inner self , worked hard on my mental health and trying to avoid PTSD after the events on Boxing Day 2018 . Although I haven’t completely escaped , I’ve managed to manage my feeling and emotions by talking about everything with you guys and writing about it.... so much writing. I focused on embracing every little moment with my children and not dwelling on the small stuff. So while my before and after isn’t a breath taking vision of the mummy blogger losing all her baby weight , my mental and inner health before and after is huge .... and If i@could give you any advice it is this.No you don’t have a “ time frame “ to lose your baby weight .... it’s not 9 months on 9 months off .... it’s not an excuse . Your body , your happiness .... that’s it.spend time playing with your children and enjoying them , bake cakes and eat them with your children , take your family out to restaurants and have a great time! F**K the pressures of trying get your body back so quickly! It’s not everything and I’ll tell you something else ... your children , your husband love you ..... just as you are . Don’t let society make you feel like you have more to do, because you have done SO much ...You carried , grew and birth a mini human.... your body is FRICKIN fabulous! It doesn’t need to change , it’s a wonderful reminder everyday just how strong and how incredibly special it is. How special you are . .. . . #lifeasamama #lifewithkids #mumsofmelbourne #mumsandbubs #postpartumbelly #mummytummy

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Auf ihrem Instagram-Kanal will Jessica Hoods anderen Frauen Mut machen, indem sie auch selbst öffentlich versucht, ihren Körper so zu akzeptieren, wie er ist. Ihr Appell: sich nicht mit perfekten Bildern von anderen auf Instagram zu vergleichen und sich keine Sorgen mehr zu machen. Über 57.000 Follower folgen Jessica Hoods und geben ihr Mut und Kraft. Für ihre Bilder mit der nackten Wahrheit bekommt sie viel Zuspruch.